We combine ancient knowledge of natural medicine with sophisticated European biological medicine and modern quantum vibrational energy medicine.


Biological medicine, most commonly called alternative or holistic medicine, is the comprehensive method of healing by increasing reactions, the regulation ability of the human body, and the reactivation the natural healing forces in sick people. MAMNYC utilizes these methods to create a unique program of treatment.

Despite the major discoveries of Quantum Physics, western allopathic medicine ignores and neglects the importance of the energy of the human organism. Recognizing the importance of the emerging bioenergy medicine, MAMNYC utilizes the most advanced and sophisticated energy medicine methods.

Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Dave gives his best. He is not only a great doctor who will make you feel better but also a lovely human being. He is treating his patients as part of his family. He spreads the love and compation for humans. I had the pleasure of working for him as well as my husband was his patient. He not only deals with patients as patents—he treats everybody individually and respectfully. I am very blessed that our paths crossed.
  • Awesome staff who know what they are doing. Dr. Manganaro is awesome!
  • This Doctor is a genius! I have had the pleasure of working for him. I cannot describe in just a few words, what an amazing gentleman he is. He is smart, genuine, kind hearted, trustworthy. He is and always will be the best doctor for me and my family.